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Some Sentient Beings And I - Hsu Yi Hsuan Solo Exhibition











Hsu Yi Hsuan, an artist, is usually fond of depicting the various facets of life with personification. A piece of the printmaking work makes a world of its own. Through the repeating printmaking process for woodcut, layer upon layer overlapping, it shapes a storytelling voyage of life, embedded with a delicate world where all things are in a loop.

All sentient beings possess spirituality. According to the Chinese Buddhist monk and scholar Xuanzang, all beings have sentiency, also meaning all those animate and conscious, which are born by fate of all - all sentient beings...

We view all sentient beings from men’s perspective. Resembling human beings, all sentient beings have similar sentiments and behaviours. This gives an impression that these lives possess spirituality with emotions. Yet, do these really have such spirituality? Are all sentient beings sentimental? Or are the on-lookers the ones with sentiments? Yi Hsuan considers that, all sentient beings do not necessarily have such sentiency; it is the viewer of all beings who have the sentiency. People reflect their emotions over all the sentient beings, thereby coming to their satisfaction in terms of spirituality. ‘What I paint about all beings is a shell, whereas the viewers in the shell reflect what belong to their spirituality in memories, channelling their emotions.

It is my wish that every spectator would read his or her own story, while I also view various types of all sentient beings” Yi Hsuan is fond of the exchange with the spectators. During the interaction with the spectators, there are constant reviews and discussions. Hence, when viewing the works of Hsu Yi Hsuan, it is a wish to have the spectators get soaked inside and be able to look at the all beings in their eyes.


開幕茶會:8/11(SAT.) 3:00 PM





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