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Personal reality show-Atsuko ISHII銅版畫個展

Personal reality show


「personal reality showは 遠いノスタルジックな世界ではありません。

日々 移っていく視点がその瞬間に出逢った『今』の断片が, 集積してゆき,

それが見る人にとって 矢印(あるいは疑問符)になればと思っています。」

出身大阪,現居住於巴黎近郊的版畫創作者Atsuko ISHII,作品中有著甜美的少女和帶著各種隱喻的場景與物件。本次展出「Personal reality show」系列作品帶著一種懷念的氛圍,藝術家想表達的並非鄉愁,而是關於距離與逝去的感受,觀者的視點隨著時間流逝一天一天的變換,當時間飄移的觀點與「現在」這瞬間的相遇,讓所有的元素如同碎片聚集在一起。藝術家希望這時間累積的方式成為一種線索,提供人們生活方向或是對於當下處境的疑問。

Personal reality show - Atsuko ISHII銅版畫個展






協辦單位:LADS gallery, Osaka

co-Organiser : LADS gallery, Osaka



Atsuko ISHII

■ Biography

Born in Osaka, Japan

Lives and works in Paris, France since 1995

1995 - 2002 Began practicing etching at Atelier Contrepoint, Paris

2002 - 2006 Continue to practice etching at Cite International des Arts, Paris

2006 - 2013 She set up her own workshop in Montreuil

2007 - Solo exhibition, held at LADS Gallery, Osaka, thereafter once a year 2010 - 2017

2013 - 2016 Continue to produce etching at the 20th arrondissement of Paris

2017 - Moved to Vincennes and continue to produce etching in her workshop

1995 - Participated in group exhibitions in France, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Hong Kong and Canada

1999 - Solo exhibition was held in France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Netherland and New Caledonia

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